Fee and Benefits (GESS 2023)

The Green Energy Symposium & Exhibition Sarawak 2023 (GESS) registration is open. The symposium is hybrid, to promote carbon friendly remote participation and takes place on 25 & 26 March 2023, at Centre for Technology Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS) Santubong Kuching.


Participating in an exhibition will enable businesses to market their brand to a broader crowd and make their audiences aware of their product and service; gaining brand exposure and leading to more opportunities.


  • RM 2,000 | USD450 (Local)
  • RM5,000 | USD1,500 (International)


  • Exhibition Space
  • 2 Exhibitor Pass
  • Refreshments
  • E-Certificate



The concurrent symposium will showcase international and local speakers presenting the latest technology & solutions to support businesses in decarbonization, become globally competitive and to achieve a sustainable future.


  • RM 600 (Early Bird Rate) | USD150 
  • RM800 (Normal Rate) | USD180 
  • RM1,200 | USD250 (International)


  • Conference access 
  • Exhibition access
  • Participant Kit
  • Refreshments
  • E-Certificate


Real testbeds will demonstrate inventions, new technologies, and innovative services to position Sarawak as a functional and progressive government, pivoting Sarawak for acceleration of the evolution to a green, net-zero future.

Capacity-building at the individual, institutional and systemic levels is a priority in any country's nationally determined contributions.

International and local experts in the fields provide their expertise, best practices, and developments in green energy technology and carbon markets pricing mechanism, risks and forecasts and demonstrate the cooperative system between government policy makers and private sectors to tackle climate change.

Our government, financial institutions, industry representatives, and policy makers will engage in topics for low carbon transformation, carbon trading and taxation policies, environmental, social and corporate governance, supply chains, transportation, and digitalization.

Join us

Join us at the Green Energy Symposium & Exhibition Sarawak 2023 (GESS) in Kuching, Sarawak and be part of a diverse and dynamic network of government policy makers, carbon and sustainable energy experts, global multi national companies, trade associations, academic institutions, and other key stakeholders.

Don’t miss this unique and exclusive opportunity to shape the future of green energy and sustainable business.

Date & Venue

7-8th June, 2023 @ Centre for Technology Excellence Sarawak (CENTEXS)


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